Finery London

In a recent seminar, I was introduced to the brand of Finery. We were told that if we were unaware of the label, to look them up. This is what I discovered!

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Finery London is a new online womenswear brand co-foundered by former Asos fashion director and Topshop buying director Caren Downie. The brand’s aim is to bridge the gap between the high street and mid-market. I feel that they are targeting women who may have grown out of the high street and are looking for an outfit with a focus on quality, but without a significant price increase that often occurs in the mid-market.

Their launch strategy was particularly interesting and exceptionally inventive; prior to opening the label unveiled a physical store in Soho London with a twist! They cleverly used an interactive installation, with the collection being displayed on a moving conveyor belt that traversed the store space while customers gazed in from the outside. They were then able to use interactive screens outside the store to swipe and gain an access code to browse and shop on the brand’s website. The launch was designed to bring the Finery London student to life and it definitely did.

When looking through images of Finery London’s Soho store and launch, it is evident that the team has a unique love for the garments and the collections. It is clear that the focus is on the product and designing items that women will be excited about. The idea was to bring enjoyment back to a price point that reflects real life.

This launch particularly stands out to me since they combined their online presence with the physical world. This may have been an attempt to widen their customer base and to draw media attention to the growing brand. Also, it may have been to promote brand awareness and in the long term increase their sales revenue on their online store. The products would have been seen in an exciting way before the February launch and gave exclusive access to the collection for those who visited.

The conveyor belt, could have been used to show that the garments in the new collection can be adapted for any situation and body type, no matter where or what an individual is going or doing. Also it could be showing the ease of the online store, being able to quickly swipe, view and order the desired piece within minutes! Overall, I just found the whole launch fascinating as it differed massively from the traditional catwalk collection showing or a walk-around format.

Finery’s collections are also different in that they are transseasonal, launching four to five times a year. I’m will definitely look out for their next release to see what innovative method they use to communicate their message. It is also a brand that I now definitely admire; they are a company with integrity, inclined to select colour pallets that women can wear all year-round rather than just for a few months a year. I see this brand as affordable, yet extremely well designed and I feel appeals to multiple generations. The collections have been made much more accessible by being stocked in John Lewis.

Where did you hear about Finery London? I’d be interested to hear your own thoughts on the brand and their collections and launches.


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