The Best Fashion Photography Career Advice You’ll Ever Get

Lone Wolf Magazine online published advice to help up and coming photographers and creatives to grow in the industry; they call it ‘The Best Fashion Photography Career Advice You’ll Ever Get.’

For me being in my first year of university doing a creative-based degree, I definitely am finding that the path to success and financial security is fraught with uncertainty. Therefore, for anyone in my position, I am going to share with you a summary of the career advice that I learnt while reading the article. The article was aimed at aspiring fashion photographers, stylists, makeup artists and anyone else working in the fashion industry.

You Can’t Ask for Your Big Break, You Have to Earn It

Experience is key. Having an established portfolio will help individuals stand out in the insanely competitive job world out there. I feel that this would really highlight what you are capable of. I believe people like to see candidates who take big risks with the work they create. People who work hard, the work will speak for itself.

The Key is Consistency

This is the one quality that separates a successful professional from a struggling artist. Clients do expect a consistent level of quality in your images. I learnt that your website is vital in showing this: unless you have a large amount of high quality published work in there, clients will be wary of your portfolio because they know you’ve selected only the very best of everything you’ve ever created.

According to the article, consistency might mean achieving the same style in every shot, maybe it’s your signature lighting skills that come through, or your particular flavour of posing the model in strange and original ways.

Don’t Follow the Trends, Create Them

Every aspect of the every industry is affected by trends. We need to be very aware of trends in our work, and be calculating about how we choose to incorporate them into our photography or design. Their advice was to not over use trends, but to rework them, add unexpected elements to make your work stand out and to show the world that you’re one step ahead of the game.

Don’t Ignore the Details

Wrinkled clothes? A dirty backdrop? Polyester fabrics? Don’t think others won’t notice. It is said that overlooking the finest details will result in mediocre work.

You’re Never Hired for the Obvious Reasons

You may assume that you are hired for a campaign or editorial job; but your actual job is to be the logistical brains behind every creative project. Having a cool head is essential and learn how to problem solve your way out of any situation.

Stop Comparing Yourself to the Competition

This is the thing that I am the worst at and very guilty of! I should definitely start to listen to the article’s advice, ‘You should only ever compare yourself to yourself, as you were six months ago.’ If someone is better than you, it’s likely simply because they were busy practicing while you were preoccupied doing other things. I often find that I even compare myself to professionals: they have a life time on me. However, looking back at your own body of work, you should see a noticeable improvement.

Don’t Be a Starving Artist

Becoming a pro photographer takes money, lots of it. So you’ll need a solid long-term plan in place. You may need to supplement your career with less glamorous events such as weddings, corporate portraits, etc. This will help to refine your craft and make some solid industry connections.

Oh, You’re Just Not That Into Social Media?

As a fashion photographer your goal is to have your work seen by as many people as possible. Marketing should take up about 75% of everything you do, with social media being the most important of these. There’s simply no better way to become insanely successful than to use your social networks.

Home is Where Your Dream Job Is

I have always loved the phrase, ‘Do what you love and never work another day in your life.’ Moving to a convenient location will stop the issue of you ending up frustrated by the lack of resources and community support available to you.

Strive for Simplicity

The old saying that “simplicity is the ultimate sophistication,” holds true. All you really need to create beautiful images is a beautiful model, a single dramatic element and literally nothing else.

Overall, I have learnt that action is the only thing that matters. I know that if I want to stand out professionally, I need to do productive things that will have a positive effect in the world. Showing people you want to work with what you’ve done is always going to be more impressive than showing them what you plan to do, or how motivated you are about your career.


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