What is an outcome?

The finalised outcome; what the consumer sees. Also integrated communications and anything involving physical making.

Key components:

Plan: identify specific communications plan and the route to the consumer.

Make: create and deliver

Outcomes come in a range of production methods and often require ideas to be communicated verbally, visually and also in writing.

Key words in the outcome stage:

Produce – make, create, realise

Outcomes – final resolutions, finished pieces, results

Range – different end results

Production methods – different media

Communicate – express, share, portray

Focus – refine

Roles in the outcome stage include: animators, set builders, graphic designers, photographers, illustrators, videographers, artists, creative agents, web designers, and many, many more.

Outcomes, in my opinion, are about storytelling, and expressing a narrative and emotion to the consumer:

‘Fashion lives and dies by stories…how these stories are told, who tells them, and crucially, how they reach the right people.’

‘But never has such a rapid advancement in storytelling taken place than since the emergence of the internet made the World Wide Web Accessible to the masses the in early 1990’s’ – Fashion Promotion In Practice


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