Wednesday is an integrated creative agency. They aim to transform businesses through style and intelligence, helping their clients to be ever present in popular culture. They specialise in the fashion, luxury, retail and lifestyle sectors.

From looking through their website, I discovered that they aid clients with branding, business evolution, e-commerce and advertising.

Wednesday helps clients articulate the potential of their story through Content Strategy. This considers all of the available communication touchpoints – from mobile, to website, CRM, social, in-store and beyond – to create a framework for powerful storytelling that drives brand engagement and conversion.

One of Wednesday’s top case studies is their work with Theory. Theory’s balance of intelligence and humanity were the springboards for a significant rebranding and creative campaign solution devised by the agency.

Under the strategic direction of ‘Intelligent design for intelligent people’, Wednesday defined an ordered and systemised aesthetic and execution that spoke directly to the modern, cultured customer.

I really love their new branding, especially the simple yet classic typography. I feel as though this consistent branding articulates information clearly across all touchpoints, from hang tags to retail window decals.

In Spring / Summer 2016, Wednesday worked with David Sims, along with models Andreea Diaconu and Hana Jirickova to capture the energy and dynamism of the new collection. Their photographs are elegant and involve elements of visual contrast which particularly stood out to me: Colour v Mono, Whole v Partial, Static v Moment, Single v Multiple.


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