Visiting Leicester

Today, I visited my closest friend in Leicester who goes to De Montfort University. I got the train from Nottingham to Leicester and she met me at the station. It only took half an hour to get there! We have been saying since we started at uni that we need to go and see each other and have a proper catchup, however we have only just got round to it. It was a struggle to find a day that we were both free and didn’t clash with our uni timetables and work deadlines. I have never been to the city before and so it was interesting exploring a new place.

I arrived at 11.30am so the first thing on our agenda was lunch. We just popped in to an M&S Foodhall and I picked up one of their free-range egg and spinach pots, a tomato and avocado pot and a water. My friend selected a chicken and salad sandwich with a juice.

We did a little bit of shopping in Leister centre and had a wander round the area. After this, my friend took me to have a look at her uni campus and accommodation. It is located about a five minute walk from the city centre and is therefore in a really convenient location. I had never looked round this uni before as it wasn’t one of my university options, however it was still lovely for my friend to show me her new life in Leicester. She shares a flat with five other girls which has a similar layout to my halls. I briefly met some of her flat mates and we wandered around the campus so she could show me where her lecturers are held. I could definitely see why she is enjoying her time at uni; the place has such a nice feel to it.

One of my favourite parts of the day was cooking together. Before I had to head back to the train station, we prepared our dinner together in her uni halls kitchen and it was really fun to team work and create a meal. We opted to make a sort of bean stew with sweet potato on the side. This mainly consisted of beans, chopped tomatoes and vegetables. It took longer than we thought it would be prepare, however it was actually really yummy and I enjoyed having a gossip while we cooked. I don’t usually have time to cook meals like this at uni, and therefore it was lovely to have something different, something that takes a bit more time and attention.

I had a lovely day exploring Leicester and spending the day with my friend from home. Considering how close our two cities are, I will definitely be back to visit her again soon, possibly after Christmas. I’ll also have to show her around Nottingham in the New Year.


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