The 10 Principals of Storytelling

I have recently been reading the book ‘Do Story: How to tell your story so the world listen,’ by Bobette Buster. One of the sections I enjoyed reading the most was the 10 Principals of Storytelling. Below I have summarised the key points for each of the ten stages.

1. Tell your story as though you are telling it to a friend, no matter who the audience is or where you are.

2. Give the place, time, setting and any relevant context.

3. Action! Use active verbs but keep them succinct.

4. Juxtapose: take two images, ideas or thoughts and place them together. In posing two opposing ideas, a whole new idea is created.

5. Choose one ordinary moment or object that becomes a ‘gleaming detail.’ Something that best captures and embodies the essence of the story.

6. Reflect on the experience or idea that originally captivated you and simply hand it to the audience as if it was aflame.

7. Be vulnerable: share the emotion of the story.

8. Tune into your sense memory: choose the strongest of your five senses in your story and use it to make a deeper connection with the audience.

9. Bring yourself! A story is as much about you as anything else.

10. Let go: hand over you story; leave the audience wanting more.


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