Innovation and New Thinking

I have recently been exploring new databases on the hunt for new and innovative ideas that creative agencies and brands have developed. These include D&AD, Cannelisons and Adweek just to name a few. Below are four campaigns and events that brands have produced that I really feel are successful at engaging the target audience and having an impact in some way.

SickKids VS – Undeniable

The campaign is centred on patients, families, doctors, nurses and other hospital staff who all prepare themselves for battle—as medieval soldiers, pro wrestlers taking baseball bats to dialysis machines, and comic book superheroes. It shows the power of imagination as a vehicle for hope and has a completely new tone to similar charity creations.

The agency behind this campaign is Cossette and the client was SickKids Foundation. Donations to The Hospital for Sick Children were plateauing and in need of funds. What I really liked about this advert was that, unlike other charities seeking donations, they focused on the fierce fighting spirit of their patients and the unrelenting drive of the doctors and nurses. This, to me, had a much larger impact than the usual sad, tear-inducing approach that in some ways treats sickness as a weakness. The campaign shows the strength and toughness, rather than tears which is why I feel it was so successful and won many awards. The whole thing reminded me that we all have inner strength and determination that we can draw on to conquer our greatest challenges.

BrainBAND, Samsung Australia

BrainBAND has already won several awards such as the B&AD Innovative Use of Berta Technology 2017 award. This is Samsung’s attempt to make contact sports around the world safer by shining a light on the dangers of concussion. The BrainBAND is a specially designed headband, a piece of wearable technology, that houses built in sensors at the back of the head to measure the g-force of an impact and rely the data to medics, coaches and referees, in real-time.

It features warning lights which when red shows, a player should be taken off immediately. I feel that this is effective because it spreads awareness of the dangers of high impact activities and demonstrates that caution should always be taken, no matter how skilled the individual is. I feel that this technology could really help to reduce potential long-term injuries from repeated impacts. All data is logged so that, over time, players have a complete picture of the forces their brain has been put under. This could be applied to other sectors, such as beauty by measuring the impact of a skin-care product on the skin and whether the product is suited to an individual.

Sleep No More

Sleep No More tells Shakespeare’s classic tragedy Macbeth through a darkly cinematic lens, offering an audience an experience unlike anything else on the New York scene. Audiences move freely through the story of Macbeth, creating their own journeys through a film noir world.

Immersive experience are becoming more and more mainstream and many brands are beginning to integrate this idea to make their campaigns and spaces more of an event that is interactive. I feel that the key idea behind Sleep No More is the fact that individuals are being pushed outside of their own ‘normal’. Experiencing what other face each day and looking at the play from a completely new angle. I feel that this is successful as it is an authentic experience that pushes for a completely new understanding of the work.

Spotify Billboards

The series of billboards examine the most embarrassing, and the most shameless listening habits of Spotify’s users, and puts them on display for the whole world to see. Titled ‘2018 Goals,’ the adverts are a comical reflection on the year we’ve endured, the mindset we should focus on going into the next one, and the great, and not-so-great, music that got us through it all.

I believe that billboards work so well because they are designed in bright colour and so capture the attention of their target audience which is largely Millennials. The boards show that the brand fully understands their consumer; their behaviour, wants and interests. This, to me, shows the strength of image; the boards are limited to two or three block colours that remind me of vinyls, however they are just as powerful as full-colour images. They are simple, but very affective. I really like how Spotify have presented it as it is and shown the honestly, they have not tried to polish or manipulate the sayings. It is an innocent campaign that is not aggressive or pushy in terms of forcing potential consumers to download the app and buy Spotify Premium for example.


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