Exciting New Livia’s Kitchen Launch


Since discovering Livia’s Kitchen, they instantly became one of my favourite brands, not only for their indulgent sweet treats that have a nutritional twist, but also for the positivity the whole team spread via their social media channels and through their product launches and events.

I am slightly obsessed with Livia’s Kitchen’s products, especially their Salted Date Caramel Raw Millionaire Bites, a delicious alternative classic millionaire shortbread, and also their Chocolate Biccy Boms, a crumbly biscuit bite with a soft date centre and cacao coating.

On New Year’s Day 2018, Livia’s Kitchen posted a teaser of their new launch that would be coming soon. Introducing ‘Nugglets’. I don’t think I had ever been so excited for a new release before. On the day of writing this post, the Nugglets are finally here and I cannot wait to get my hands on all three innovative flavour combinations.

They couldn’t have selected more perfect flavours, Raw Cookie Dough, Raw Choc Brownie, Salted Almond Butter. I have always been a massive lover of cookie dough, who doesn’t love chocolate brownies? And if you read my ‘Nuts About Nut Butter’ post, you’ll know how much I adore indulging in a jar of nut butter of any kind, especially almond. I don’t know how I’m ever going to be able to choose which one to try first!

I love how the team always manags to develop and produce treats that are so yummy that are gluten and dairy free, vegan, have no additives or preservatives, no refined sugar and are made with entirely natural ingredients.

The packaging is just as inviting; it is simple, but very effective. The colours used are so vibrant and fun and would appeal to all ages. They are the ideal snack pack size. The graphics and image of Nugglets on the front would make me want to grab them off the shelf even if I had never heard of Livia’s Kitchen. I also really like how the packaging for their entire product ranges combine together and all have similarities that bring the whole brand together, making them even more recognisable.

The treats are currently only stocked in Wholefoods and were launched on 16th March. I don’t live near London to be able to go into the store, so I’m going to have to wait until the products become available on their website so I can pick up each flavour as soon as I can. I really hope I can get my hands on them before they sell out!

I imagine that they are going to be the perfect rich, moorish, pop-in the month treats that are delicious and perfect for throwing in my uni bag or eating in my uni room, treating myself to Nugglets on my short break from my course work. I’ll stop going on about how excited I am now!

Which flavour are you most excited to try?


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