Lululemon Om Launch

The world’s most advanced mindfulness assistant is coming.

Yoga is on the mat. It’s off the mat. It’s everywhere. It shows up in different places in different people’s lives. I personally attend a weekly Fitness Yoga class, however I also practice yoga in my uni room and even on holiday, taking time to relax, get the blood flowing freely throughout my body and to reenergise as well as strengthen and stretch.

I follow Lululemon on Instagram who recently built the hype on their feed for their ‘newest’, most technologically driven launch/unveiling. Phrases in their photo and teaser video captions such as, ‘The future of mindfulness is near,’ and ‘Experience the newest innovation in mindfulness,’ got me really interested in their development.

My initial thoughts:

The Om provides spiritual grounding, acts as an emotional rock and a personal guide to all the answers the individual seeks. It is being marketed as, ‘The product of the future to keep you in the now.’

I thought this was an innovative idea and one that could benefit so many people on a daily basis. This is because OM is designed as a tool to support the inward journey. Stress-levels are higher than ever as more people are working longer hours and leading increasingly busy lives, with little time to relax, unwind and/or switch off. Anxiety is rising as we often take on more things than we can balance in one go. I personally consider that we all need to be able to find OM at home in the place where the majority of people feel the most comfortable.

The Aura Simulator is essentially your own personal Spiritual Connector. It connects with your mind and behaviours and brings a sense of balance back into your life. OM receives bioenergy feedback from the individual and displays a corresponding ambietic aura spectrum.

Watching the launch video, I became aware that there is also a Confession Mode which acts as your Emotional Rock. OM patiently accepts whatever you tell it, without judgment or criticism. It essentially acts as a person to unload stress and worries on, someone to complain to without fear of burdening a friend or family members with your worries. Having said this, I don’t know how I personally feel about speaking openly to a piece of technology; I think I’d be a bit reluctant to do this!

A quote from the launch page of the Lululemon website states, “No two OMs are exactly alike, but all come with the same ground-breaking technology.” This could infer that each OM adapts personally to suit the needs of the consumer, responding directly to their actions and lifestyle.

The technology also elevates your practice with the Chakra Expansion Pack. For immersive mindfulness, this upgrade opens the chakras, enhancing the “prana” or life force. This could allow mindfulness, meditation and yoga practices to become more effective over time with advice on how to improve.

I also really liked the fact that they have developed the OM using Eco-Friendly Technology. It is made from all natural and environmentally friendly river rock, smoothed by years of going with the flow. However, where would they source the thousands of ‘river rock’ needed for the production of the product?

I was in some ways surprised that an activewear brand known for their innovative yoga and running clothing would release a piece of technology like this. I know they use the latest technology in their garments; however we typically see large tech brands releasing pieces of technology like the OM. I do think the concept of the OM is very relevant in our modern overactive busy society, but I am sceptical of interactive technology. For example, I found it creepy in the launch video that the OM sensed the man’s stress and so cancelled everything on his planner for the day!

I was right to be sceptical! APRIL FOOLS! They revealed the prank in an Instagram story stating, ‘All rocks used in the making of this joke have been returned to their natural habitat.’ When I first saw the Instagram posts, I didn’t even register that it was April 1st but I do feel that this was a successful way to increase conversations around the brand. Lululemon’s Instagram team did an amazing job of replying to consumers’ comments to make them believe the launch and I also saw one comment from a consumer who rang customer service who was also in on the joke, reassuring them it was real. The posts, launch videos and website page all looked so realistic and well executed, which is the main reason that I believed the launch to begin with. They definitely pulled off a successful prank!

I do believe however that it won’t be long until a piece of technology with all the features mentioned above will be released. The aim of a product like this would be to allow consumers to reach their full potential, stay connected to their true self and find focus in their day. It would become mindfulness for the modern age; the combining of self-care with technology to keep up with rapid advancements in technology and digital knowledge.

Although it was a joke, I do feel that some of the more realistic features of the OM, such as connecting to the consumers’ food and providing support, could massively benefit and help people with the self-care and mindfulness practices, mental health and even potentially even reduce stress and anxiety.


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