How Do You Milk an Oat?

Alternative milk products are on the rise. I have been using plant-based milk for a couple of years now. I personally just prefer the taste. I currently love Rude Health Brown Rice Drink, however I am also a fan of Apro Almond Roasted Unsweetened, as well as Oatly Oat Drink Oat Drink.

This new demand for plant-based milks started off with soy milk given as a substitute for actual allergies. It has now turned into a core aspect of café culture as well as a lifestyle dietary choice.

The development of all sorts of dairy-free milks has now opened the door to a whole world of non-dairy possibilities, such as chocolate flavoured coconut rice milk. We are now more aware than ever, of what exactly it is we are consuming, and where our products are coming from. The move to non-dairy is an obvious move for an industry which is focused around the environment and sustainability. Some alternative milks have less impact on our planet than dairy, which is something that I feel adds to the appeal.

The growing number of alternative milk products appearing on cafe menus is proof that the more the world learns about what we are consuming, the more we want to learn. The origin of these milks and the processes they go through is something I was interested in finding out.

Oat milk is essentially made by soaking the oats in water, draining and blending with additional water, oil or any other added ingredients. The milk is then strained to create the smooth consistency. This is obviously a very simple version of the process, but it is a basic summary of what I have found out.

Ozone coffee meet with people every day who are excited and eager to make a difference – not just coffee enthusiasts but hospitality hard-cores, foodies and coconut yoghurt fans. The ever-growing alternative milk industry is one they are honoured to support and encourage its growth.

Although, alternative milks have played a key part in raising awareness for sustainability and protecting our planet, they are actually just delicious, in my opinion.


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