Real Techniques Runway

The Real Techniques Runway made it all about the makeup! This runway show was to launch their #rttoolup campaign. The set design was particularly eye-catching and innovative as models moved round in a maze like set up with square gaps in the construction so the model’s head, neck and shoulders were visible to the audience. The design reminded me of a film reel with only a snapshot of each look revealed.

There were some models rocking glitter, other a blue shadow that had been applied with the smudge+diffuse set to get the look. They show that it is all about technique which is made easy and simple with their new tool sets and brushes. They also showed how multiple looks can be created just by using the enhanced eye set. On some models the focus was the effortless eye blending and others it was a neutral look with a bright bold lip.

I really appreciated the fact that there were no clothes or model’s figures visible which could act as a distraction from the face and makeup on show; the models were all wearing basic white t-shirts and tops. Similarly, there was no fancy hair styling that again would become a focus point. I feel that the whole thing is centred around setting your makeup free and using makeup and tools to express emotion, experiment and just to have a bit of fun!

I also admired the seriously craveable brush wall from the show. This was the photograph wall for all guests and demonstrated the range of brushes on offer from the brand. There really is a brush for everyone and one for every makeup execution out there.

Below I have inserted some images from the event that help to capture the simplicity of the show and show the focus; the makeup and tools used. They really did make application look effortless and accessible to all. I love how affordable their brushes are too!


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