A Day of Shopping in London

My mum and I have gone to London more times this last year than we ever have before and I’ve loved it. This particular trip to London consisted of visiting all of my favourite places and shops in London. We started the day with a coffee and then ventured on to Oxford Street and into some of our most loved stores. I saw a skirt I really liked in Miss Selfridge, but I needed the size down which unfortunately they did not have. Some of the other shops we both enjoyed looking round was Anthropology for their elegant and beautifully crafted homeware and decor and Swetty Betty for their wonderful patterned yoga clothing.

Most of my purchases came from both Planet Organic and Whole Foods. I now frequently visit Whole Foods on trips to London; on the other hand, I’ve only been to Planet Organic once before. I was at Whole Foods this time for a book signing which I have written a whole separate post on if you are interested. While I was there I had a wander round and picked up a few bits. I had never taken my mum to Planet Organic so we decided to try somewhere new for lunch and so took a tube ride over there. Although the store is smaller than Whole Foods, I must say that I might prefer it. Yes, they have less choice of snacks but I think I like the lunch and dinner fresh options, both in the fridges and behind the food counter, slightly more; their baked goods looked yummy, especially the sweet potato brownies and cookies.

& Other Stories:

I picked up some dainty silver earrings. I have always loved this location for their t-shirts; now I also very much appreciate their jewellery. It is all so minimal and petite, which is the style I feel suits my small frame the best.

Planet Organic:

KeepCup Original reusable cup. I opted for the medium sized cup in monochrome. I brought the larger one for my mum for her birthday and then wanted to get one for myself. I have some matcha latté Tea Pigs sashes that are my favourite so I thought that this would be perfect for these and also for taking to uni with me. I keep trying to make sustainable swaps as I really believe that many small acts make a phenomenal difference.

The Humble Co. Humble Brush. I have been toying with the idea of investing in a eco-friendly and socially responsible toothbrush for a while now and so when we saw a couple in the store, my mum kindly got one for me. It is made from 100% biodegradable sustainably grown bamboo. I also love that my humble purchase will go towards funding the Humble Smile Foundation. Go Humble, Give Smiles delivers professional healthcare projects where they are most needed around the world.

Planet Organic Raw Chocolate Salted Almond Crunch Bar. At the minute, I do not love the date-based raw bars as much as I once did so when I saw their new chocolate-coated buckwheat seed bar, I was excited to give something different ago. Each bar also contains 1 billion CFU biolive cultures, amazing for the gut.

Salt of the Earth Spray. This is the effective natural deodorant that I have been using for a while now; I just needed to repurchase a couple, one for home and one to take to uni. It is unscented and the formulation works not by covering up body odour, but by eliminating the bacteria which cause it. The mineral salts do not block pores either.

Whole Foods:

Clearspring Organic Oatcakes. I have been on the lookout for some other crackers for quite a few weeks, however the majority of the ones I have come across either use Palm oil or a high proportion of sugar. I usually buy the Rude Health ones, but I saw these and fancied a change. These ones are vegan with no added sugar, made with olive oil and packed with whole grain oats.

Conscious Organic raw chocolate – 85% cocoa solids. I have tried the chocolate orange chocolate before which I got from my Christmas sourced Box. Tasters were being offered in the store of all of their flavours and the two I liked best were the two dark ones. I chose the deepest one as I love dark chocolate; this is free from diary, soya and gluten and is naturally sweetened with agave nectar.

The Almond Collaborative. This is something I was interested in trying when it came out, but hadn’t had a chance to try. This is a natural unsweetened, diary-free yogurt made with almond milk. I’m interested in seeing how much it differs from a natural Greek dairy yogurt.

Deliciously Ella Deli:

One of our last stops of the day was in Deliciously Ella’s Deli for a hot drink and cake. We often pick up a selection of sweet treats from the deli as they are our favourites and utterly delicious. This time we were torn between many of the bakes, however we chose the Peanut Cookie and the Peanut Slice. We were also interested in the Almond Blondie and Brownie which we have had many times on previous occasions.

My mum also treated me to a Matcha latte which is the only hot drink I currently enjoy. I opted for oat milk as I find that this gives a really subtle favourite and creamy texture.

Although we were both equally as tired as soon as we got on the train home, we had had such a wonderful day. The 21,000 steps were definitely worth it and I’m so lucky to have been treated by my mum as much as I was. This will more than likely not be the last Whole Foods and Planet Organic haul you’ll see on my blog!


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