Street-style New York Fashion Week SS19

Fashion month is upon us, and New York is kicking off proceedings in style. A mix of established and emerging brands are making prominent statements on the catwalk.

Away from the runway, loose, floating wrap dresses, practical jumpsuits, playful leopard-print pieces are appearing on New York streets. Victoria Magrath, known as ‘In The Frow’ on social media, was the individual who, in my opinion, rocked the streets of NYFW. Her street-style was captured online by the likes of Vogue.

The first piece I spotted on the street worn by Victoria, who I consider to be a fresh new source of inspiration, was the. A 3.1 Phillip Lim outfit with a Dior bag which subtly merge together to produce a subtle, casual, yet smart combination. I loved how effortless the whole look was; I am a lover of paper-bag trousers and grey, simple jumpers.

Another of my favourite looks captured throughout the week was a straight-legged pair of tailored trousers from ME+EM worn with a slightly oversized white t-shirt. I admire the connotations behind the bold logoed top. The, ‘I am Many’, campaign really highlights that when women support other women, we all benefit. “We are many voices. We play many roles. And when we join forces, anything is possible.” (Rebecca Minkoff) The look indicates intelligent style with a classy black discreet heel by Sturt Weitman.

Another outfit that really stood out for me was a purple, delicate number. I feel that this reflects Victoria’s happiness and gratitude towards her position in the industry and her career achievements. The Jonathan Simkhai long embellished skirt is effortlessly paired with a fitted long-sleeve boat-neck body; there is a seamless transition between the two. Purple really suits Victoria, especially with her crisp silver hair.

I have inserted below the other outfits that I feel Victoria showcased and the street-style that I love. Her outfit combinations are never overly extravagant but are always elegant and understated and, in many ways, are relatable and realistic for everyday wear.

Fashion Month is a celebration of the amazing industry, the creative clothing that is designed, and it is essentially a way for individuals to show new pieces, new styles and showing what you might love yourself. Victoria really does this for me; she evidently loves clothes and appreciates the highly-crafted work of the industry.


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