Mary Poppins Returns

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I recently had the chance to see Mary Poppins Returns. I don’t know about you, but I often get skeptical when a sequel is announced, especially to a beloved Walt Disney-era musical like this one.

I was happy to discover that Mary Poppins Returns is not simply a remake disguised as a sequel. It may be familiar to those who adored the original, but a very different movie makes it enjoyable and understandable to individuals who hadn’t seen the first. I was glad that they hadn’t tried to make it overly modern as I feel this may have ruined the magic of its traditional nature. The film balances imagination with nostalgia – the spirit from the original is still recognisable, but with an insert of something new, fun and inventive.

I was waiting for ‘A Spoonful of Sugar’ to sing out, however all the songs are entirely new, and sometimes lengthy – the numbers were filled with music and dance, adding to the charm for me.

The quirkiness of Mary Poppins Returns was refreshing; although it was slick and well-produced, it wasn’t formulaic in any way. I loved how creative it was, and also unexpected at times.

I know Julie Andrews was loved and will forever be the original Marry Poppins we all know and love, but I also enjoyed Emily Blunt’s slightly eccentric version and twist on the character. Like the entire film, the character had a ‘familiar but different’ emotion. Blunt’s dry wit contrasts the sugary tone of the songs in a complimentary way.

I absolutely loved Mary Poppins Returns, and would definitely see it again. It is pure joy and the kind of movie that you’ll leave feeling satisfied, happy and ultimately uplifted. It boils down to sheer fun entertainment.

Some of my favourite quotes throughout the whole film were:

“Everything is possible…Even the impossible.”

“Nothing’s gone forever, only out of place.”

I appreciated the concluding section where the moral was all one needs is to keep your loved ones close, valuing what you do have, rather than what you may have lost.

If you like trips down memory lane, revisiting old characters and seeing them in new musical numbers, I would recommend seeing this film if you can.


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