Channel Jumper

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I was flicking through the Evening Standard and was intrigued by the technology fashion article. I have never even considered that clothes would be able to control our TVs in the future. I had always assumed that everything would be voice recognition or controlled on a phone so controllers wouldn’t be needed.

However, smart clothes could be the future. The article spoke about a shirt that enables the wearer to switch TV channels by swinging their wrist and also trousers with a self-tightening waistband.

Google predict that sensors and conductive thread will be integrated into garments and accessories; there is already a patent for an electronics module and touch sensor for garments. I believe this means that we will soon be able to touch, tap, swipe, hold or stroke garments and our textiles will respond in the desired way. It might even go as far as being linked to a phone, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth for taking photos or controlling the heating.

While I was in Berlin, I visited Kaufhaus Des Westens and saw glasses that took ultra HD photographs and videos which also introduced me to the future of technology being in our clothes and accessories.

I believe that if you can select websites, change the volume, pause a movie, etc from clothing, we will all become lazy and reliant on technology even more that we already do. It will get to the stage that we won’t have to move from the same position all day as everything will be possible with the swipe of a finger.

I do however think the self-tightening clothing is a good idea as it reduces the struggle of finding clothing to fit perfectly and allows clothes to be more accessible to a wider size diversity. We soon might not need a phone if everything can be implanted into clothes, but I do question how often we could wash the garments with all of these sensors in.


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