Setting up an Agency

Image result for British Vogue Youtube setting up an agency

At the bottom of the trend forecasting brief, I watched the recommended watching and came across a similar series on the British Vogue Youtube channel.

The short documentary interviewed two business women who have carved out successful business niches. Alexa Chung met Brooke Wall, the founder and CEO of The Wall Group and Susan Scafidi, professor at Fordham Law School.

The Wall Group has adapted with the ever changing landscape of fashion and beauty. They represent under represented professionals such as make-up artists, set designers, stylists, etc. I found it fascinating when Scafidi was talking about fashion law in the US; the fashion and copy right law doesn’t require another person to change a stitch when copying a garment, so it is legal to rip-off a garment exactly. I had in my head that if seven things were slightly different then this was accepted; however this is not the case.

Both women are inspirations to anyone who also wants to set up their own agency and be successful in the fashion industry. Although we will be creating our own trend agency, apposed to a talent one, I feel that I could take inspiration from these women’s forward thinking and identifying gaps in the ever changing market. We need to come up with an agency that stands out from competitors. This would be increasingly key as a result of the number of successful forecasting agencies out there. When we pitch our ideas, professionalism will be essential, as well as trends backed with historical and cultural influences. We want people to take our predictions for A/W 2019 seriously. This will be achieved through in-depth and broad research and analysing our primary research, pulling out the common motifs. Embracing the new will also be essential, allowing ourselves to move with the times, rather than be biased towards our own personal styles.

A fashion forecaster effectively is the fashion future and what drives brands forward. We also need to consider the emotion, identity and how people are using the trend pieces to create a persona. Looking at the wider landscape will allow us to set as backdrop to how fashion will develop.


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