It’s Nice That Portfolio Tips

Portfolio tips from top studios: do’s and definite don’ts.

I believe that someone could produce the best work, however not present it in the best light and therefore could not make the most of their assets. I found it very useful to read tips from professionals who have seen countless portfolios.

When I was putting together my initial portfolio, I was worried that I wasn’t portraying the work in a professional enough way. I noticed a lot of people creating mock-ups on magazines and billboards that looked like an actual publication. However it was reassuring reading that this approach doesn’t add anything. The great thing about being a new graduate is that my work can come from a more creative and looser place; I didn’t feel that I needed to wrap my work in a layer of fantasy – showing the raw designs was what I wanted to portray.

I have been disregarded in the past for using the term WE in an interview. However reading that not speficifying what was done as a group project can also be off-putting, I now realise I need to get the balance right. I believe that I could tackle this by signposting my role, explaining what I did do whilst also mentioning what I didn’t do. They are not going to believe that I did everything.

Attention to detail is something I also focus a lot of my attention on. Spelling and grammar has never been my strongest point and therefore I always get my mum to proof read my work to ensure it’s error free. Sometimes I don’t notice errors in my work but I can’t afford to send a portfolio that isn’t grammatically correct, therefore I will continue to do this.  

I believe that my current portfolio shows variety which I was worried showed a lack of dedication to one area. I feel more reassured now that not specialising is not a bad thing; it shows I have an open inquisitive mind.

Once I have all of my projects in the portfolio, I will work on refining it by focusing on my strongest projects – I am proud of some of the projects and no so much of others. I also feel that I could benefit from going back through the portfolio and cutting some of the imagery out. I personally like a clear portfolio, which focuses on relevant highlights. I hope to select the images of greatest quality.


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