Amours Solitaires

One of this week’s Five Things was to have a look this Instagram account created by Morgane Ortin. Amours Solitaires is a collection of submitted anonymous messages that showcase modern love.

The account was originally set up to challenge the statement that the love letter is dead. If I’m honest, this is something that I have never given any thought to and I have never written a love letter. The letters I write now are formal ones when corresponding with businesses or professionals and these are certainly not handwritten. In fact the only handwritten letters I have sent in the past have been thank you ones to family and friends after receiving gifts which I suppose in their way were a sign of love and appreciation.

As technology has given us new media, it has also given us new ways to communicate, ways that are instant. So it makes sense that messages of love haven’t died out but that they are just sent via a different format, a modern way. Furthermore this modern way of communicating is far more open and shared; in fact many people appear to live their life through an open media profile. I think that even if a love note was sent privately via a mobile phone many would still share this among their circle that then others who are a friend of a friend could also see.

I also think that more males are openly expressing their feelings; this is a more socially accepted thing to do especially for the younger generation. And again as texting and Instagram is so quick and easy, more and more people are expressing opinions and feelings. Modern society likes to know what others are doing and so I can also imagine that there are some who would love to spend time reading others love messages on Amour Solitaire. Or gain comfort from others knowing that they are not alone in being hurt by love.


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