The all-new creative Arsenal hub

Dance, Theatre and Art

My dad always brings back the Evening Standard from London and I try to make the effort to read the fashion and arts & culture sections. Dance, theatre and art are three sectors that have interested me for as long as I can remember. Therefore, the article exploring the former military site in Woolwich being transformed into a creative district, really caught my attention.

The idea of performance spaces and recording studios, I really feel could regenerate the area and break down the barrier and assumption that the theatre and art are only for the elite. The walls surrounding the old Arsenal have already gone, but when the creative district opens in 2020, I hope that the atmosphere will remain optimistic and inviting.

Having a dance school in this location would be amazing for young performers allowing them to be surrounded by a positive creative environment and like-minded people. Chineke!, Europe’s first black and ethnic minority orchestra, will also occupy a space. This really shows the mission to make the area inclusive for everyone and encourage more people to pursue their interest in creative arts. I find other people’s creative work so inspiring and it would be amazing to see all of the collaborations that could happen between the different arenas. It will in my opinion, also bring a new sense of life and culture to South Bank.

The ‘found space’ aesthetic, with bare brick and exposed structure, means the space should be light and open which I feel also adds to the raw, creative nature of the space – no distractions to the work produced.

The old Arsenal needs to be rewarded for bravery in the face of austerity. This will be achieved by welcoming the new dynamic that the cultural district could bring.


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