How to Make A Great Presentation – TED

The TED talk by Nancy Duarte, one of this week’s Five Things, reinforced that the communication of an idea makes the difference between adoption and rejection.

Presentations make me very nervous but this is because of the extent to which I care and as a result of not wanting to get it wrong and therefore let the rest of the team down. I don’t know that I will ever grow to love public speaking, but if I compare myself to this time last year, I would definitely say I am more confident at it.

The talk reminded me of the importance of identifying a problem and resolving it. I am pleased that I listened to this when I did as I believe we will benefit from going through our presentation to ensure it is clear on every slide about how we are addressing the BIG idea and problem. Just because it is clear in our heads, this does not mean that it will be successfully translated.

Our aim for our Integrated Marketing presentation needs to be to make the concept resonate with the audience, and make our pitch memorable. When a presentation is remembered after a full day of them, this is in my opinion when you know you have been successful. We are hoping to do this by selecting alternative, more tactile media to go alongside the possibly predictable media. This will mean we have something to physically present on the day to complement the digital presentation slides.

The main element that I took away was the fact that a good presentation is about selling the idea and making people believe in what you’re saying – smiling and enthusiasm are a great place to start.


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