Fashion Transparency Index

I was made aware of this year’s Fashion Transparency Index published by Fashion Revolution through one of this week’s Five Things.

I believe that there is a greater need for transparency in terms of brand messaging and potentially misleading outcomes. Knowledge is power and the more transparency a brand can offer will aid the consumer to make informed judgements about where they spend, on what and who is trustworthy.

The fact that brands are being held more accountable is a great step towards transforming the industry and achieving clarity of information. The advertising regulations state that the consumer must be given the ‘whole picture’ but all too frequency brands step over this line and truths are blurred in order to snare more sales.

I have discovered a lack of clarity and a disregard for current guidelines through research for my proposals for Level Three. The skincare industry appear to still be claiming they can treat and cure skin conditions such as acne, even though this needs to be medically addressed. The more brands who share information and present the full picture will remove the confusion around which products to purchase, especially as a result of the saturated skincare market consumers are faced with.

This reversing the issue of transparency could not only ensure the brand’s social responsibly to protecting their consumers wellbeing, but also it would turn the true data into action and therefore could drive positive change throughout the whole sector.


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